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What is it all about?

If your siteís got what it takes to be part of the network, then fame, fortune and even some hard cash could soon be winging your way.

This is not an affiliate scheme dressed up to be something else, this is not a performance or "click through" scheme, this is not a "Top Lists" scheme. Straightforward joint promotion and if you want to also join the advertising part - revenue sharing.

The concept is simple - wants to build an ever-growing network of quality web sites to which it can refer its readers.

What we have found is that humour sites tend to be non competitive, unlike say a news site. So people will often look at 3 or 4 sites when they are looking for a humour fix, so we try and drive people around the "network" of sites, rather than elsewhere. Once again we emphasise that this isn't an "toplists" scheme like I'm sure you've come across, a hundred times, just a traffic sharing scheme.

What do I have to do?

There are various levels to this, and basically you get what you give, so what you do on your site the other sites do for your site.

1) By joining we mutually promote all of the sites within the network. At the moment this can be simply restricted to putting a linking by-line at the bottom of each page of the member sites and a small logo on the home page of new member sites. This links through to the website - where each site in the network is linked and has a page about it. If you look at any of the sites here you'll see what we mean. Mostly the link opens up in a new window so you don't lose any traffic... this brings traffic and raises awareness of the site for little effort and as the network grows the number of people that become exposed to the network - and thus your site continues to grow.

2) Is the addition of a drop down box or links box of links to the other sites. There is an example at the bottom left of this page, links directly to member sites.

3) Is exchange of buttons. Usually just a 88x31 button.

4) Adding / Amending a "links page" to other sites members with short descriptions

Those sites that carry humourhub.comís advertising in return receive a 50% cut of the ad revenue. Itís simple, itís effective, and itís money for doing nearly nothing. As the network is able to sell advertising across the whole network and obtain much higher volume of traffic than any one of the sites could achieve we're able to command much higher advertising revenues.

Who do we want?

So what sort of Web sites does want? Ones which are built and maintained with enthusiasm and commitment. We want sites that do something useful and entertaining for readers, do it well, and do it regularly too.

You only have to glance through the sites to realise that we have an audience with a vast range of interests - most anything with some kind of humorous slant. If your site fits the bill then get in touch.

We wonít interfere in the design or the content of your site - once weíve set up the advertising system, we let you get on with looking after your own site.

If you do become a network member, weíll drive new readers to your site and pay you too of you want to run our advertising.

Unlike most of the Internet, you'll notice we're totally free from hype!, your not going to become a millionaire out of this, well here's hoping anyway, but for small to medium traffic sites it's going to be a way of building traffic and building up your search engine rankings within a mutually self supporting group whilst earning advertising revenue higher than you could as an "independent". Of course your still totally free to develop your site in anyway you wish.

Get in touch

Sounds interesting ?, then let us know by emailing us at, we'll want to know the following information as a minimum to start

Site URL

How many page views does your site get per month?

How many unique visitors does your site get per month?

How often is your site updated?


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