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What is it all about?

Have you ever noticed how many idiots there are in the world? Darwin's System, evolution, dictates that species evolve, improve and progress.

It seems to us that there are an awful lot of people who seem to be living outside this system, the PLODS. People Living Outside Darwin's System. They even may be their own species, distinct from the main stream of human society. For them evolution is something that happened to other people, somewhere along the line they got left behind.

The PLODS just carry on their own path, and the rest of the world can look on and laugh, smile, be amazed, horrified or shocked. We're dedicated to bringing the activities of the PLODS to the world.

Just to a note to those who think they may be PLODS - true PLODS don't think that they are PLODS. They think that they are the normal ones...

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